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     Cooking area: 590*450mm

     Product size: 1270(L)*605(W)*1205(H)mm

     Power: 12.0kW+3.5kW


1. Hood: double layer, outer layer is S/S #430

2. Case: CRS with enamel coated

3. Cooking grill: enamel coated cast iron, 2pcs

4. Griddle: W/O

5. Warming rack: enamel coated

6. Thermometer: S/S

7. Burner: S/S

8. Ignition: automatic ignition

9. Diffuser: enamel coated, 3pcs

10. Control panel: CRS with high temp. powder coated

11. Side table: CRS with high temp. powder coated

12. Side table decoration sheet: S/S #430

13. Door: Double layer, outer is S/S #430

14. With 4pcs castor

15. Packing size(brown box): 685x 620 x655mm

16. Loading QTY: 81cs/20GP, 171pcs/40GP, 228pcs/40HQ